Guidance & Counselling

The counselling unit was established in 1993, purposely, to improve the welfare of students, in particular, and members of the university community, in general. Since then, the counselling unit has undertaken various activities and programmes beyond the general counselling services. It has had to assist students and the entire university community to maximise the use of service delivery. It has conducted orientation, training and workshop for students and the university community.

Our Counselling Unit offers students short-term individual counselling, assault counselling,   workshops, and other services.  Counselling is done   individually and in a confidential setting.  We believe   the start to a new life in a seemingly   new environment might cause certain reactions in students.  The  stress that comes  with  coping with academic  requirements  and  other  social   responsibilities might plunge the minds and bodies  of  our students  into situation   that might not  be  very tasteful. You need not necessarily   get yourself in a bad situation before you seek the help of our counsellors.  Our doors  are  always  open  and our arms  outstretched to give you a comforting  hug  and help  make  life  conducive  for our students.

Visit us at the Counselling Unit of the Office of the Dean of Students (KNUST).
Come to the Counselling Unit and go out with a smile.

General Counselling Services

Services provided include:

Contact Information

Phone Numbers: (+233) 0208 244 000 and (+233) 03220 62976
Working Hours: Monday to Friday – 8:00am to 5:00pm
You can also contact us for emergencies.
We are located at the Office of the Dean of Students premises (Commercial Area).

Counsellors at the unit:

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